Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friday Fav's Example

Okay, so every Friday I'm going to be posting Friday Favorites, and the category might be used more than once. Here' an example:

Favorite Competitive Cheer Team:
 My favorite competitive cheer team is Top Gun, they are number 1 in the nation. They're fun Miami, Florida and have won over 100 awards. 

Favorite Cheerleading stunt:

This is my favorite stunt called the scorpion, to get this you have stretch ever day, I've been working really hard and I've almost got it :)

Favorite Old Fashioned Picture:

This is a vintage picture of a couple in Paris in the 1900's. I love it.

Favorite Summer Dress:
This dress is called gazing at the gulf dress and I love it :). You can get it at  .

What was your friday favorite?

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